Pay Dues

Membership dues are as follows:

  • No cost for anyone less than 23 years old.
  • $5 – 23 years old or older.
  • $5 is the same for family membership. (no additional dues for spouse or children)

All payments, either check or PayPal must include your Full Name and your Callsign. If not included, your payment will be returned.

Payment by check should be made payable to Joe Pfeuffer and sent by US Mail to FCG Treasurer, KW1K:

Joe Pfeuffer, KW1K
13636 Weatherstone Dr.
Spring Hill, FL 34609

Be sure to write your call on your check.  If you send an email with your check number to   You will receive a confirmation email when your check arrives.

We also accept payments using PayPal. Our PayPal account is . PayPal payments must be made to friends and family or the payment will be returned. We do not accept payments for goods and services.